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Politics-free PCC

The post of police and crime commissioner is up for election in 2020 and we are told (SA, April 15) that the conservative candidate has already been selected.

So, yet again, it would appear that this election will be fought as a party-political battle. This is in spite of the fact that the position is supposed to be non-political and that the holder is supposed to be above party politics! The main function of the PCC is to ensure that we have a police force that can perform proper policing throughout Wiltshire and Swindon. What has this got to do with party ideology?

We need to elect the right person for the job – regardless of their political affiliation (which should remain private).

Malcolm Morrison, Prospect Hill, Swindon

PCC cost questions

I was disgusted to see in the Advertiser of Tuesday April 16 that the Conservatives have proposed a candidate for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner who has a considerable track record in hunting with dogs. Such vile practice belongs nowhere in this day and age where our countryside is under such threat from developers that wildlife will soon have nowhere to hide. This man will never get my vote.

Your article inspired me to look at the PCC website and I find that it isn’t just the £71,400 salary that we have to pay but there is also the cost of running the Commissioner’s “small office of experienced officers”. There are sixteen of these officers with salaries as high as £97,940. That is hardly a small office! The overall cost of running this office appears to be £0.737 million. On top of this, the OPCC capital contribution and external commissioning funds add up to a further £2.036 million. One has to question exactly how many police officers this money could fund.

Given the recent performance of politicians of all parties in demonstrating that they serve their own interests first and foremost, I feel it is high time that the parties were excluded from promoting candidates unless that party then pays the salary of the officer elected. The same could be said of parliament. If an MP takes a party whip, then that party should pay the MP’s salary and costs. We need a PCC who does not kowtow to any political party, who fights for us as one of our own and does not have masters in higher places.

James Croton, Derwent Drive, Upper Stratton

Not so green protest

It seems ludicrous that the protesters in London who saw fit to block various roads are looking for a greener world! I wonder, how did they get to London from their homes throughout the country? Oh I know, they walked! Or the vegans amongst them possibly drove their cars etc, that contain more than enough animal products that are contained within the manufacturing process. Quite a few had their mobile phones with them!

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

Brexit get out clause

If Theresa May really wants to bring the Brexit problem to a conclusion, she has the perfect get out clause.

The EU have categorically stated that if we do not take part in the EU elections we must leave on the 1st July (with or without a deal).

So Mrs May should decide not to take part, then the bunch of idiots in Parliament will have to either come to an agreement or it’s No-Deal.

Simple answer!

Gerry Taylor, Newcastle Street, Swindon