SWINDON: Magistrates imposed a restraining order on Simon Moore, 55, after he pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour.

Moore, of Hamstead Marshall, Newbury, was banned from contacting his female victim by the Swindon bench for the next two years and not to go to her home.

He was fined £135 with another £85 court costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

PEATMOOR: A man who had denied assaulting a woman, changed his plea to guilty and was told to do 80 hours of unpaid work.

David Nurdin, 35 of Mill View, carried out the assault on December 16. Swindon magistrates also heard he damaged her mobile phone and a door in the incident. He admitted both counts.

The bench imposed a two-year community order and told him he must pay £170 in prosecution costs and victim surcharge.

NYTHE: The theft of £5 in cash and some sleeping pills from a woman cost Anthony Cullen, 44, of Ashbury Avenue £105 in prosecution costs and a contribution towards victim services.

Magistrates heard the theft happened on March 30. They imposed an 18-month conditional discharge.

SWINDON: Serial shoplifter Simon Callaway was jailed for eight weeks after he stole more than £500-worth of goods in the space of two months.

The magistrates heard he took £200 of food from the Co-op in Hyde Road on February 14, meat worth £100 from the Highdown Way branch on February 18, £28 of booze from the same branch on the same day, more meat and alcohol from the store on March 12, meat and ice cream valued at £47 from the shop on March 23, meat costing £81 on March 30 and more meat on March 31.

The total value of the haul was in excess of £530.

Callaway, 45, of Burbage Road, was told he was jailed because of his previous record and his failure to respond to sentences.

MOREDON: John Lamb was told he must do 90 hours of unpaid work and pay £100 compensation after he admitted assaulting a woman.

Lamb, 34, who gave a care of address in Chantry Road had denied carrying out the assault on January 15, but changed his plea.

He was made the subject of an 18-month community order and instructed to go on a building better relationships programme.

The magistrates imposed a restraining order banning him from contacting the woman and from going to her street.

He was instructed to pay her compensation along with £170 towards court costs and to help fund victim services.

SWINDON: Simon Ambler, who targeted an elderly woman and stole her purse, was sent to jail for eight weeks.

Ambler, 41, currently in Bullingdon Prison pleaded guilty to carrying out the theft on February 27. The bench said it jailed him because of the seriousness of the offence and the number and nature of offences on his record showed he was a professional criminal.

He was instructed to pay £35 compensation to his victim.

CHISELDON: Katy Cuthbertson has to pay £100 compensation to a police officer after she assaulted him on April 20.

Cuthbertson, 30, of Castle View Road, admitted a charge of assaulting an emergency worker. She was told by Swindon magistrates to pay prosecution costs of £85 along with the compensation.

SWINDON: A boy of 16 who caused £45-worth of damage to police handcuffs was given a youth offender panel contract for 10 months.

The teen, who cannot be named because he is under 18, appeared before the town’s youth court and admitted the charge.

SWINDON: Magistrates imposed a youth rehabilitation order on a 17-year-old who damaged a front door belonging to a woman and used violence to get inside while he was on a youth referral.

The original order, which had been imposed for charges of going equipped, theft and possession of cannabis, was revoked.

Youth magistrates ordered him to be supervised and to attend appointments for the next six months.