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What a Brexit mess

Let us put the mess Parliament has made in simple terms.

We all run household budgets to keep a roof over our heads.

Would you take out a loan and then give it away to less well off neighbours?

Well that is what the government is doing with foreign aid.

Would you leave your doors open to anyone without checking out their background, then feed them and clothe them?

Well that is what the government is doing with open borders.You would have the bailiffs at your door faster than Juncker heading for the drinks cabinet.

The members of a club vote at the AGM. But the committee ignores the vote.

You resign from the club, but the club demands a hefty payment after you have left.

The club tells you that you must vote in its elections after you have left. Then vote for committee members who are shortly resigning as they wish to leave as well.

You have a chairperson of this club whom the grass root members want to resign, and intend to hold a vote of no confidence in the chairperson.

But the committee has previously voted to keep them there for another year. This farce would not be tolerated in any decent democratically run club in this country from John O’Groats to Land’s Ends.

But that is the situation our Parliament has created as the farce of the European disunion elections draws near on the May 23.

This lot could not run a peanut stall in a squirrel sanctuary, never mind the fifth largest economy on the planet earth. If a vote for the Brexit Party is secured as seems likely. But you never know. The next step will be a general election.

Where the two pied pipers Jeremy and Theresa will take all their MPs along with themselves over the cliffs into nonentity.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Swindon

Farage is folly

I must disagree with Bill Williams when he says that the BBC is, to quote him, ‘Bolshevik’. I think that the BBC is quite right wing and yes I vote Labour, as I presume that Mr Williams is a Conservative. If he does not like our MPs that his right, but to think like Nigel Farage, who is very right wing, is sheer folly.

Helen Thompson, Kimmerfield Court, Swindon

More tolerance please

It was good to see the pathetic showing of left-wing radicals gathered in Regent Circus claiming to be anti-fascist – oh the irony.

There to celebrate an attempt to shut down a legitimate party from taking part in the political process. Thankfully as you can see from the picture in this paper dated May 7, we seem to have this communist indoctrination problem under control.

If you want to see what true racism looks like, look no further than the collection of morons pictured for all to see.

I take comfort in knowing from this, Swindon’s problem with fascism is negligible and that maybe one day these racists will learn to be more tolerant, but I will not hold my breath.

Craig Halliday, Mulberry Grove, Rodbourne Cheney

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