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Anti-fascist not racist

It’s quite evident from his letter, more tolerance please (SA, May 10) that Craig Halliday is more than a little irked by the report and picture of the Swindon Anti-Fascist group which appeared in the SA May the 7th.

In his letter Craig implies that those pictured are against free speech.

No Craig they are not against free speech they are against “ hate speech” which is prevalent in Ukip.

Craig says that fascism is negligible in Swindon. Are you suggesting that fascism, no matter how negligible it may be, should be ignored?

Hate speech needs to be confronted where ever it is.

Agree Craig? Or are you content to see Ukip, EDL, Britain First etc spout their bile without it being challenged and opposed?

Craig ends his letter by making the claim that anti-fascists are racists.

Explain how you reach such an absurd conclusion ?

Martin Webb, Old Town

Recount needed

I was absolutely appalled to hear that the count for Highworth Town Council local election was so badly handled and we still do not have a definitive list of our councillors.

But more than that, I was also furious to hear that a ‘block vote’ system of counting is in place. I for one, and many other people I know, voted for our candidates with due care and consideration of what they could bring to the Town of Highworth....NOT on party lines. I hope when the votes are recounted, each and every vote is noted.

Veronica James, Swindon

Grateful thanks

I recently had to make an emergency call for an ambulance. They arrived swiftly and had to work hard to get me into the ambulance as their access route out of my garden wasn’t easy.

I would like to thank them for their help and also the staff, nurses and doctors in the accident and emergency department who work tirelessly under great stress to treat an endless queue of patients.

Patrick O’Shea, Highworth

Tilting at the EU

In reply to Peter Smith (SA, May 9) I can assure him that with what I have been through for the last five years regarding a very close family members long illness and sad loss ten months ago I have a very firm grip of reality in spades.

Not a strange view, as he quotes. He says the European Disunion is dedicated to business friendly policies. Tell that one to the British fishing fleet trawlermen, that’s the few who are left, one of our many industries being hampered by Disunion bureaucratic, unnecessary red tape.

He then states that I am easily fooled by anyone who waves a national flag. Does he prefer our democratic way of life or the way of life of someone waving a flag with a hammer and sickle? There is no barbed wire around our island if you prefer another country, feel free to go. He states I am lining up with enemies, not my style.

He then says I am half right. That’s a new one on me. I am no sit on the fence Jeremy Corbyn tribute act. He then states that I am tilting at windmills. I don’t even play skittles! However I will be tilting on May 23 with many of my patriotic countrymen and women at the house of cards windmill masquerading under the banner of the European Disunion. To gain back our country’s freedom again as a sovereign democratic nation. I suspect we may be more successful than Don Quixote de la Mancha. Or does he prefer Don Quixote de la Smith with the same success as the aforementioned after his tilt at trying to make me change my principles.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way

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