FROM Marlborough to Malmesbury and from Pewsey to Chippenham Eurovision fans are getting ready to party on Saturday night.

The great event once thought unspeakably cheesy has come of age with more and more people embracing Euro Pop culture in all its glory.

And many will be watching it and partying at the same time as the Mayor of Calne will be doing in the town hall this Saturday as Cllr Robert Merrick has organised a celebration to kick off his mayoral year in office.

So how best to celebrate with a party? Here's our top tips: 

Step 1: Allocate each guest in advance with a country and ask them to wear some form of national dress.

Step 2: Put up some bunting and hang out the flags - home-made or bought it will set the mood with balloons and streamers.

Step 3: Prepare food for each country - and ask your guests to contribute some finger food - chips for the UK, tapas for Portugal, sausages for Germany and so on.

Step 4: Buy lots of booze - beer and cider - and gallons of soft drinks as it will get warm in all those costumes as you dance the night away.

Step 5: Run a sweepstake - everyone puts in a pound and the winner could end up leaving having paid for their costume, food and drink.

Step 6: Clear away any clutter, tidy the home and leave space for dancing. Keep the food and drink near the kitchen to prevent mess and buy more toilet rolls than usual. 

Step 7: Er... that's it. Send out the invites and get ready for a great night in - or out if you've been lucky enough to get an invite.

Step 8: Send your Eurovision party pics to on Sunday.