1. FOR Sheila McGuire it is Coate Water Country Park, that is the top spot for best walk in Swindon.

Located only three miles away from central Swindon the park offers lots of green space for families and individuals to chill out and take a breath of fresh air.

But most importantly, visitors can enjoy a walk around the 70-acre lake, which is both a leisure facility and a nature reserve.

It is notably known for its bird populations.

Various facilities are available including a well-established café, a play area, a golf field and many more.

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2. FOR Lindsey Bull, a nice walk around Barbury Castle always brings her peace.

The Iron Age hill fort lies about five miles south of Swindon and the M4. Lindsey said she found the view from Liddington Hill to Barbury Castle beautiful and peaceful.

The 60-acre site is full of history from the Roman occupation to the World War II. It is where the West Saxons are believed to have defeated the Britons during the Battle of Beran Byrig.

And nature lovers will also be seduced by the great variety of butterflies that can be found on the hill.

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3. IF Angie Phillips had to pick one place in Swindon to walk with a view, she would definitely say Lawn Woods in Old Town.

The Lawn park offers a great open grass space, ideal for runners and walkers. There are also plenty of cycle routes around the park.

The site features woodland, parkland, meadows and lakes.

Remains from Stone Age, Bronze Age Saxon and Roman have been found on this location.

The park contains a wide range of tree species, including walnut, oak and yew. It lies on the east side of Old Town.

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4. CHARLOTTE Gould and many of you have voted for Stanton Woods as their favourite place to enjoy a nice walk.

The 74-hectare estate includes woodland, grassland and fishing lake, making it an enjoyable place to enjoy the sun.

It is also one of the many local nature reserves in Swindon with habitats for wildlife.

Various species such as wildfowl, amphibians, invertebrates and more can be found there.

The peaceful place offers a large space for dogs to run.

It is situated to the northeast of Swindon. For those driving, there is a large car park.

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5. AND finally for James Lovell, Mouldon Hill Country Park wears the crown for best walk with a view in Swindon.

The country park situated to north west of Swindon in the parish of Haydon Wick and has a number of paths and walkways with a beautiful lake.

The River Ray passes through the park and it is home to several species of fish and other wildlife.

Walkers can also get a stunning view from the surrounding area from the high points.

The hill is described as a lovely place for dog walking.

For those coming from further afield, there is a car park not too far from the park.

Rebecca Harrison said: “We are very lucky to have some beautiful walks.”

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