The Noteables are a Swindon-based choir that puts friendship at its heart.

“It’s that comradery and friendship when we all sing together, that is key to what we do,” said Karen Salter, a longstanding member of the choir.

“If you’ve had a bad day, you go for a sing with the ladies all around you who are supporting you, and it just gives you a sense of well being.”

The all-female singing group rehearses on Tuesday evenings between 8pm and 9pm at All Saints’ Church Hall on Southbrook Street.

The group started back in 2015.

“Since then we’ve really developed, so that we now make a really good sound together, and we’re really proud of that,” added Mrs Salter. “And we’ve developed really strong friendships between members who have been their from the start.”

The choir sings a diverse repertoire including songs from musicals, folk songs and both modern and older pop songs from the 50s and 60s. They sing both with backing tracks and acapella.

Most songs are sung in three part harmony, consisting of soprano, alto and top soprano.

“They are the ladies who do the beautiful high notes,” said Mrs Salter.

“But we do like to swap around, and all sing each others parts.

The key is that we really try and blend all the different parts and not overpower each other,” she added.

The vocalists perform at concerts across Swindon and the local area, including school fetes, in care homes, charity concerts at the Swindon Arts Centre and at the London Sangerstevne, an international choral festival, where choirs come from all over the world to perform.

“That was a very exciting opportunity and really nice to see such a diverse group of different choirs come together,” said Mrs Salter.

The Noteables perform once every couple of months. “We do actively encourage as many people as possible to perform, as we are a small group and that’s what we do it for.

“Key to the ethos of the choir is friendship but also musically, doing a variety of different things to the best of our ability,” she added.

Join the club

The Noteables are looking for four new members to join their choir.

The all-female choir is open to women of all ages and abilities, and currently boasts 11 members.

“You don’t have to be a particular standard,” said Karen Salter, a longstanding member of the choir.

“You just have to be enthusiastic. We don’t have an audition policy. Potential members just come along and have a trial rehearsal.

You can see if we are right for you, and if you are right for us, and if this is the case we will open our singing voices to you and welcome you in.” she added.

“It has been shown that singing can be beneficial to your mental health and we all can vouch for that. You always come out feeling better after having a good sing.

“We simply enjoy singing and the pleasure that brings us,” added Mrs Salter.

For more information contact or the Chairwoman Sarah Summers on 07954425608.