THE Brexit Party has confirmed it is cancelling tonight's rally at the County Ground.

It had been due to hold the event inside the Swindon stadium - but Swindon Town Football Club last week cancelled the booking.

The party, set up by Nigel Farage, had planned to hold the rally anyway - with supporters meeting outside the town centre venue. 

But now, the Brexit Party has confirmed it's axing even that effort.

A party spokesman said: "It is too late for us to organise another venue and the football club has hugely let the people of Swindon down as well as the cause of democracy.

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"We have tried to convince the club to honour its commitment and contract without success.

"We sincerely apologise to everyone planning to attend tonight, but in the interests of public safety without our booked venue, it sadly cannot proceed."

Swindon Town Football Club said it had a policy banning political events from being held in the ground: "We were made aware of the political nature of an event being held at the County Ground this evening and, in line with club policy, cancelled the event."