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We all knew what we voted for with Brexit

So it would appear that the lady is at last for turning. I speak of course of Mrs May.

Unlike her predecessor, who was an Iron Lady of fame and fortitude.

This one, Mrs May, has had no thoughts for our country but rather has the idea that only she knows best what is good for us.

This is a lady who has been an abysmal failure in just about every government position she has occupied.

She fails to listen either to the public or indeed her ministers.

How many of these have we had during her tenure of office? I have lost count.

The only thing that can be relied upon is the fact that she has done more damage the Tory party than any other member since the Conservatives have been in existence.

Don’t get me wrong I am not knocking the Tory party.

But rather some of the obvious idiots and self-serving MPs who are in it.

People who cannot get it through their skulls that the public do really understand and know what they voted for.

We voted to leave the EU. What we didn’t vote for was a deal.

Mrs May thinks she knows better what is good for us. This is the reason we are in this difficult position today.

She didn’t and still doesn’t understand anything whatsoever about negotiating skills.

Does she even understand the word negotiate?

So thank God she has been persuaded to resign, let’s just hope it will be very quickly.

She doesn’t think very far down the road.

There are at least three other countries who are hanging on to see which way this all pans out.

These are the Czech Republic, Italy, and Greece, in light of the way they were bankrupted by the EU.

And even closer to home there are large areas and elements in French politics who have their eye on us to see if we can pull this off.

These are people, like most of the British public.

Who can fully understand how corrupt and twisted the EU really is.

No it’s not a democracy in any way shape or form.

Rather it’s a dictatorship run by an unelected cadre of despots.Why do you think they chose Barnier as the negotiator? Because he really dislikes the British.

Let’s hope whoever the government elected as a new prime minister has the knowledge and guts to stand up the self-serving so-called MPs, who are only interested on looking after what’s in it for them.

No interest in what their constituents voted for.

Just their own personal needs and requirement.

New beginning? We`ll see. I personally think it’s gone too far for that.

But if they do something positive and free us from tyranny and servitude then it’s worth a chance.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

More bobbies on the beat is what we need

The police crime commissioner Angus McPherson is regularly featured in the SA.

We, the council tax payers, had our payment increased by him to increase the number of police officers in the county.

On my travels across Swindon, I’m not seen evidence of this. I cannot remember the last time I saw an officer on the beat.

In my opinion, his position as PCC and his entourage is a waste of public money.

He’s on £70k+ a year and claims for return journeys for as little as five miles.

I would rather see his position scrapped not only here in Wiltshire but across the UK too.

Even better, how good would it be to see him in uniform on the streets instead. It would, without doubt, be a far better way to spend public money.

Alan Wilson, Shapwick Close, Swindon

Would it be the same?

If the result of a second referendum mirrors that of the first would not the votes of members of parliament be likewise?

Brian Bradbury-Pratt, Parsonage Court, Highworth

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