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Brexit fantasies

Regarding Bill Williams (May 20).

I know Bill is a retired building worker.

That is why I chose, for comparison, the example of retired building workers from other countries. I wanted to highlight that working people here have more in common with those than we do very rich people here.

I didn’t think that was overly subtle but never mind. I make this point not because I am trying to read Bill’s mind as he suggests. Neither am I criticising his opposition to British membership of the EU. I voted to leave.

The problem I have attempted to address is not opposition to the EU but the reasons for this represented by mainstream Brexit supporters. Overwhelmingly these reasons are pure fantasy and relate to a healthy UK economy before entry (nonsense) and an equally fantastical fiction about sunny up lit vistas on leaving. All based on “patriotic “obedience to our masters. Bill’s letters have long indicated he has bought into this.

My invocation of Bill’s common interest with working people round the World was intended as a contrast with Bill’s current support for a party lead by a banker who hates every advance won by working people over generations and as a single example, supports privatisation of the NHS. The politics of the mainstream Brexiteers have led to increasing poverty and inequality, while the richest have raked in ever increasing amounts of wealth. This seems to me to be the key battle ground.

Peter Smith, Woodside Avenue, Swindon

Don’t be gullible

Now rather suspiciously after talks with the Labour Party have reached a dead end over trying to get a deal over a fourth Brexit vote in the commons, Theresa May is to make a bold offer aimed at Labour MPs over workers rights.

Of course if any MP were gullible enough to accept some sort of offer then almost certainly whoever is imposed upon us all as the next PM shortly will tear it up immediately

Nothing short of repealing in its entirety ‘Clause 4’ the ‘legal shackles’ that were viciously imposed by the Thatcher government on trade union rights should be seen as a bare minimum in any sort of offer, with possible new rights that will go even further. Like what ever happened to May’s workers on company boards for starters?

The situation from ‘lame duck PM May’ rather reminds me of the female spider wishing to mate with its male counterpart, with the bait looking all too promising, but after the action takes place she promptly eats him whole.

Mr G A Woodward, Nelson Street, Swindon

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