On the Adver’s Facebook page after the news broke, readers expressed their worries.

Emma Collier wrote: “Hardly surprising as the shopping centre hasn’t been updated for years.

"No wonder everyone goes to Bristol and Bath.

"Get a grip Swindon Borough Council. Swindon is in a fabulous location for business but not if you don’t have anything to offer.”

Helen Williams wrote: “I love Cardiff shopping.

"We need a good mix of nice shops.

"Like others say, we are in a great location off the M4 but we have nothing to offer.”

Susan Winslow, summed up the issue facing shopping centres everywhere as habits change.

She wrote: “What will be left in town to go to? I very rarely go in now as there’s not much to go for already, without losing these stores too.”

Ali Butler showed how people don’t make town centres their prime shopping destination any more: “How can you get people into the town if the shops keep being closed down?

"I’m not happy as I only shop in two shops and one of them is going. What a disgrace.”

Some felt that the council hadn’t done enough to help, or should do more.

Terri Blackler said: “Free parking worked well then? More jobs going.

"This will soon be a ghost town. Houses are being built but no-one can afford to buy and why would anyone want to live in Swindon when there aren’t many jobs going?”

Jade Davies-Upsall wrote: “They need to put a few high street stores next to the Outlet. Not Poundland or Primark but shops like Top Shop and they will be well away.

"The Outlet is lovely and we often go there. But if we need high street stores we go Bristol or Bath.”

Rachael Aplin was downbeat: “What’s left for Swindon?A run-down town centre.

"Boarded up pubs. Zillions of coffee shops. Plenty of pound stores and cheap tacky clothing outlets, a jumble sale of a Primark, several Greggs, high parking charges.

"And they wonder why people would rather shop elsewhere.”

Christian Kostiuk came up with a plan for three areas.

He said: “Bridge Street – no more bars. Turn as many empty premises into town centre accommodation as possible.

"Lower end of Commercial Road – again, a mixture of accommodation and smart cafes. Top of Regent Street – expand the area by Morrisons, to include a handful of high end bars.

"Problem solved. Make the retail area smaller and raise footfall in the town centre.”

Phil Halsall said: “Use them or lose them. Shop online and this is what happens.”

Angela Sindy Reid said shops should to do better: “Maybe they should have moved with the times and sell what people buy and want.

"You can’t make a profit if you don’t sell the correct items for your target catchment area.”