The latest generation of mobile signal 5G – which promises ultra-fast data speeds – could soon be coming to Swindon.

MBNL Ltd, which manages the infrastructure for network providers 3 and EE, has applied for planning permission to replace a standard mobile phone tower with one providing 5G signals.

One of the major differences is that it will be much bigger – 10 metres taller – and covered in more dishes and antennae.

The existing tower next to the Fish Brothers Toyota showroom at the roundabout junction of Great Western Way and Wootton Bassett Road stands at 15 metres, and is screened by roadside trees.

The new tower will be 25m – about the same height as an eight-storey building.

A spokesman for MBNL said the height was necessary for the new, higher-capacity signal, saying: “The higher frequencies that 5G will use can provide more bandwidth and thus greater capacity but the signal will not travel as far as those of previous generations.”

The benefit of 5G is that it will allow mobile users much faster download speeds.

Rhys Burden works in the Carphone Warehouse shop in the shadow of the tower and said: “It’s much faster and will be faster than even a standard domestic broadband package.

"It could make ADSL lines obsolete. You’re talking about downloading TV shows or films to your mobile in seconds.”

The nearest area of housing is Bodiam Drive in Toothill, from which the current tower is screened by a rise in land.

Neighbours were more enthused by a better mobile phone data signal than they were concerned about a bigger tower.

Resident Nigel Owen, 58, said: “I’ve never noticed a mast over there.

"If I can’t see it I won’t be bothered by it.

"The kids will be really pleased. They’re always watching stuff on their phones.”

Next door Yasmin Ford, 21, was pleased at the news.

She lives with her boyfriend’s family and said: “There’s five of us and we’ve all got iPads and we’re all watching stuff on them all the time.

"We spend too much time on them really. If it’s faster and better that’s really good.”

If the plans are approved and 5G is rolled out across Swindon, the town will be the only place outside London to have it, a development described as a ‘game changer’ for both domestic and industrial users by Councillor Oliver Donachie.