ADVICE has been issued to people who may be suffering domestic abuse.

A police spokesman said: "We know it is not always possible to think clearly when experiencing domestic abuse.

"However, the following advice can help if you are trying to escape the clutches of an abusive partner or family member.

"Make a plan for how you can get out safely, think about talking to your neighbours, arrange to have a place to go, make copies of important documents, have a list of important phone numbers available, pack an overnight bag and put aside money and spare keys.

"If you live alone change your locks and secure your doors and windows, change your phone numbers and tell trusted friends and family.

"During an incident, get out if you can, avoid rooms with only one exit, avoid the kitchen, bathroom and garage if possible, call for help or phone 999.

"Once you're out safely tell your work and children's school and/or nursery if appropriate, change your daily routine, and plan ahead for unexpected contact with the abuser."

Here are some local charities and organisations who can offer help:

In an emergency, call 999.