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Memories of D-Day

Those who lived in Swindon on D-Day and are still going strong today will no doubt recall the day itself, and events leading up to it.

There were those who became impatient and demanded immediate action and plastered walls with the slogan “Second Front Now”.

Those who quietly observed noticed the build-up of military vehicles in wooded areas and other places of cover.

When the actual day arrived Swindon folk were awoken with the noise of many aircraft flying over the town. It was a cloudy day but through the gaps in the cloud base aircraft appeared towing gliders.

My neighbour, who always prided himself on being the first to become aware of a situation, announced that the invasion would soon be underway. He proved to be correct and the beginning of a long struggle ensued.

I was reminded of the words of Winston Churchill and although he was referring to the North African campaign I believe his words were relevant to D-Day: “This is not the end . This is not the beginning of the end. But perhaps it is the end of the beginning.”

Ron Burchell, Crombey Street, Swindon

US is our greatest ally

Regardless of one’s personal opinion about Donald Trump, remember one thing - he is the democratically elected leader of the United States of America, the most powerful leader of the free world, and Britain’s greatest ally.

I was a frequent visitor to Weymouth for many years. There is a monument on the front. It shows many young American troops in full combat gear running along the esplanade. Their destination? Omaha Beach.

Many of them lost their lives that day, as did the husband of a member of my family.

Only for them and the allied forces we would all be under the jackboots of one of the most evil regimes in history - the Third Reich.

All the protesters regarding the American president’s visit want to remember very carefully that they have that right to protest because of the contribution of Britain and her allied forces against the Nazis. America was one the largest contributors.

Mr Corbyn and Mr Khan should bury their heads in shame regarding their attitude to the American president, who is over here to pay tribute to the brave young men and women who lost their lives fighting for the freedoms we have today. You can say what you like about this country but when it comes to pomp and ceremony, nobody does it better than we do.

For all our problems regarding the Houses of Partition trying to stop Brexit, we can put on a show for all the major traditional events that we can all be proud of.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

Threat to the NHS

My blood ran cold when I heard the US Ambassador and then Donald Trump saying that the NHS would be on the table as part of a post-Brexit US trade deal.

Surely the people who voted to leave the EU didn’t envisage the possibility of the American system of health provision – I won’t call it care – being wished upon us?

Big American health insurers would no doubt love to access a new market of 60 million people – big profits for them. But a harsh system for the poor, the unemployed and those with complex conditions.

A no-deal Brexit will make us vulnerable to international buccaneers who see a profit in a weakened economy. It won’t be the people of Swindon who benefit.

Deborah King, Carlton Gate, Swindon

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