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Thanks for keeping cemetery looking good

Please see my photos taken at the Whitworth Road Cemetery showing the lawns being mowed by the cemetery workers.

I do this as I wish to give them some credibility for the work they do at the cemetery.

It is not an easy job. Firstly, burying our loved ones and, secondly, maintaining the cemetery grounds.

I visit often since my mother passed away in 2017 and witness what they do.

I also chat to them about their job and the “not-so-pleasant” side to it.

It would be much appreciated if you would publish the two photos attached to give the workers appreciation for excellent maintenance of our loved ones’ burial grounds as a morale boost and a big “thank you” for their efforts.

Carole Kruse, Twickenham Close, Swindon

I feel ashamed

I am sure we have all taken notice of the parades, flypasts, the ships, all to salute the remaining few hundreds of gallant ex servicemen and servicewomen who went to hell and back to free the many countries over run in Europe and the Far East.

You could see in their eyes in their words when giving interviews the pain and suffering they endured.

They won after months and months of some of the hardest fighting known to mankind.

What we all must remember is Europe and the Far East was only freed because of the help we received from our allies, mainly the United States of America.

Which brings me to my moment of sadness and shame. Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump is the democratically-elected President of the United States of America whose Armed Forces have fought and died alongside ours for the past 100 years-plus.

Mr Trump came to this country to honour not just the American fallen but to honour all the fallen servicemen, servicewomen.

He was to meet the Queen and senior political leaders, only to be greeted by blimps.

Chinless tree huggers’ banners calling him things I’m not repeating.

Why did these people have to demonstrate over the same few days Mr Trump was here honouring the fallen?

I felt ashamed the way this was allowed to happen but then I realised this was allowed to happen because hundreds of thousands of young Americans gave their lives for freedom and the right for free speech for everyone living in Europe.

To me all those demonstrators should be ashamed not me.

John L Crook, Haydon Wick

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