Tessa Hingston, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court police received intelligence about a number of payments Swindon pervert Nigel Birch was making to the Philippines.

They went to the home he shared with his wife to speak to him and he said that while he was sending the cash to the woman, it was for “philanthropic” reasons.

However, they seized his laptop and three hard drives and quickly found a small collection of indecent images of children as young as seven - as well as chat logs.

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He said he was supporting a woman he had met online to help her out of the sex trade, but then accepted he sent money for about six shows “where children would strip naked”.

Miss Hingston said: “Mr Birch was apparently arranging with this woman to pay her and in return for that she will arrange a show for him.

“That show will involve young girls, her daughters, said, in this conversation, to be 10 and 15.

“They are going to engage in sexual activities to give oral sex to two boys, her nephews. The boys are aged 12 and 15.

“What is contemplated and commissioned is penetrative oral sex with children as young as 10 and other children.

“The financial transactions also showed that an amount of money paid in Philippine currency which equates to about £25. There were 172 financial transactions with accounts in the Philippines.”