POLICE in Devizes were kept busy with neighbourly disputes that got out of hand over car washing and land ownership.

At Anzio Road tempers flared on June 3 when a woman complained her neighbour had not told her he was going to use his high pressure industrial washer on his car.

A police spokesman said: "The reporting person's unknown neighbour has waggled a large industrial pressure washer at her in an aggressive manner and shouted inappropriate language at her after she asked him why didn't he let her know he was washing his car so that she could mover hers."

A couple of hours earlier police were alerted to an incident in Dunkirk Hill.

A spokesman said: "Ongoing boundary issues between the reporting person and a male at the plot. A man has pulled up fencing posts and was dumping cars, causing issues for land users."

Neighbour dispute

DEVIZES: A battle between neighbours at Dunkirk Hill resulted in police being called on June 3 after fence posts were ripped out and cars were dumped.

Car wash row

DEVIZES: Tempers flared in Anzio Road on June 3 when a neighbour with an industrial pressure washer was aggressive towards a woman who complained her car had been made wet.