MANY people have taken to social media to share their views on a court case in which a couple from Devizes were banned for life from keeping animals after two dogs were found in a shocking state by RSPCA inspectors.

As reported by The Gazette and Herald earlier in the week, Simon Sherman, 46, and Sarah Jane Sherman, 47, were sentenced to the life-long disqualifications when they appeared before Swindon Magistrates’ Court on Monday (June 10).

Mr Sherman, of Waiblingen Way in Devizes, was ordered to carry out 250 hours community service and fined £250 with £85 victim surcharge. Mrs Sherman of the same address, was fined £200 and a £30 victim surcharge.

After appearing in court, Mr Sherman posted a status on social media in which he expressed his frustration at the RSPCA.

The comment read: “Well me and Sarah got well screwed over in court, I got 250 hours community service, a £300 fine plus not ever allowed to own an animal again.”

He went on to verbally abuse the RSCPA.

Many others took to social media to express their shock and sympathies towards the dogs involved in the case.

Karen Lesley Morris commented: “Oh my god poor babies. How can people be so cruel. I pray they survive and get all the love they deserve - bless them.”

Ashley Woodward said: “A dog will be the most loyal family animal to you if you treat it good and love them and there look out for you.”

RSPCA Inspector Miranda Albinson, who investigated for the animal welfare charity, discovered collies, Laddie and Milo, in March 2019 after concerns were raised about their welfare.

During veterinary examination, Laddie was found to have a skeletal appearance, alopecia from his mid-back to tail, and paraphimosis, the inability to retract his penis, which had left it dry and inflamed.

Laddie has since had to be put to sleep because of the severity of his condition and Milo is still recovering.

Inspector Albinson said: “Laddie was lying in a green plastic dog bed on the kitchen floor. There was a small dirty cushion in this bed and next to it was a filthy blanket which was wet to the touch.

“He was clearly extremely underweight, with prominent hip bones, ribs and spine, and had complete fur loss over his back.

“Milo had a sticky, dirty, and greasy coat and I could feel that he was also extremely underweight.

“There is no excuse for allowing any pet to get into the state Laddie and Milo were in. There is always help available for those who need it and we encourage people to seek out this help to prevent animals suffering.”

The Gazette and Herald visited the Sherman’s house in Devizes during the week in attempt to get a statement from the couple but there was no answer on two separate occasions.