A COUPLE who moved back to Devizes a few months ago and are trying to do their bit for the environment by walking to town say drainage problems in London Road are thwarting their efforts.

The Browns, who live on the east side of Devizes, have written to complain to Wiltshire Council about flooding which is leaving them wet and bedraggled.

They believe that work that was carried out to create new traffic lights at the junction of London Road as part of a £347,000 scheme to improve morning rush hour traffic has created drainage issues.

They said in a letter to the council: "We have recently moved in to Le Marchant Barracks and it is lovely to be living in Devizes and enjoying what the town has to offer.

"We try to avoid using the car and instead walk in along the canal or Quakers Walk, however on wet days on our way home it is impossible to avoid being drenched from head to foot by passing cars in the last few metres of our journey.

"Please could someone come out to see what can be done with the drainage here. Or alternatively consider traffic calming measures to slow the vehicles down. The 30 mph is not being adhered to in the slightest. Drivers appear oblivious to both street signs and puddles."

They also claim that in wet weather huge puddles are also created at the new crossing at the traffic lights making it impossible to use.

Wiltshire Council has been contacted for a response.