PARENTS have been asked to check up on their children, after police came across a large group of underage drinkers taking "hippy crack" in an Old Town park.

Writing on Facebook, Swindon South Police wrote: "Do you know where your kids are tonight?

"It may be time to give your kids a call and check where they are."

The plea came after PCSOs were sent to reports of mopeds being driven across Lawns park on Friday night by youngsters riding without safety helmets.

They found more than 30 young people, who were drinking underage and breathing-in nitrous oxide cannisters, sometimes referred to as laughing gas or "hippy crack". Litter had been left scattered around the park.

Officers wrote online: "Alcohol was confiscated, children moved on and some parents phoned. Some of the litter was picked up by the PCSO'S and some kind members of the public who helped."