Drivers and housebuilders have backed the idea that every new home built in Swindon should come with an electric car charging point.

Swindon Borough Council’s planning team has put together new parking standards for new properties in the borough – the first for 12 years.

And for every home put up outside the central zone, where parking spaces don’t have to be constructed, a charging point will have to be put in.

Andrew Dobson, managing director of strategic projects at Crest Nicholson, which is building hundreds of houses at the Tadpole Garden village development, was upportive.

He said “As a forward-thinking authority, we are not surprised that Swindon Borough Council is seeking to implement such a policy.

“Having already sought to incorporate some electric vehicle charging points for the residents of the new Tadpole Garden Village local centre, we are now considering how best to integrate the technology from the earliest phase of design for future projects.”

John Wootton 57, from Covingham said he backed the idea.

He said: “I’d be more likely to get an electric car if there were more charging places.

"That’s always the worry with them, that you’d get stranded somewhere or have to wait hours to charge the car up.

“If you want people to make the switch then you have to make sure they’re easy to use and as convenient as petrol cars.”

Ann Bailey was more cautious. She said: "My family come from Lancashire and I drive there quite a bit.

"I’m more worried about running out on those long journeys and how long to takes to charge. It makes sense for short journeys though.”

Under the proposals, any new shopping centres would be required to provide charging points in 10 per cent of parking spaces with the option for extending this to a further 10 per cent of bays.

And new employment developments have to put in a minimum of two electric vehicle spaces or 20 per cent, whichever is higher.

Charging points at home will be allowed to be slow, but extra fast charging could be mandated for shopping and workplace points.