THE astrophysicist brother of the Labour leader is heading for Swindon to explain his lack of belief in human-made climate change.

Piers Corbyn is one of three speakers at The Bigger Picture, a six-hour event set to take place at the Moose Hall in Eastcott Road tomorrow from 1.30pm.

One of his fellow speakers is Mark Windows, who runs a podcast devoted to what he claims are fake news narratives about global events.

The other is Sandi Adams, who believes the UN’s Agenda 21 sustainable development programme is a major threat to human freedom.

Mr Corbyn said of visitors: “They’re going to find very interesting stuff about what is really happening with weather and the climate.

“We’re going to be talking about the rules for local government which come down from the European Union and the United Nations, and Agenda 21.”

Mr Corbyn rejects the generally accepted explanation of climate change - that is is caused by human activity, chiefly the use of fossil fuels and the resultant production of carbon dioxide.

Instead, he insists, the root cause is solar activity which produces natural climate change cycles.

“The general trend now is toward colder weather and jet stream fluctuations, and some very warm spells within a generally colder world.

“I would say manmade climate change does not exist.”

He also rejects the claim that there is widespread scientific consensus on the subject.

“This is a manufactured story that journalists have put out. If we check it out there is not any evidence that there is a consensus for belief in manmade climate change.”

In support of this claim, Mr Corbyn points to a petition signed by some 30,000 scientists sceptical of a link - although this petition is itself controversial in that it dates from the late 1990s.

In any case, Mr Corbyn disputes the importance of consensus.

“Science has never advanced by consensus. If everybody agrees on something, that’s the end of science. You can’t have science based on that.

“I would also say opinion does not count for anything. Galileo had opinion against him but he was right.

“The cause of the false information is the oil companies and globalist lobby groups. They want the climate change story to control people and make them pay more money.”

This extra revenue, Mr Corbyn claims, comes in the form of carbon taxes.

He added: “All the big banks are going to be joining in and they’re all going to profit.”

Entry to tomorrow’s event costs £10, although Mr Corbyn said those unable to afford the sum were welcome to donate whatever they were able to spare.Those who attend are invited to take part in discussions with the speakers.