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What investment?

Your article on the closing of all Swindon’s Children’s Centres (SA , June 20) quotes council leader David Renard as saying “It was decided to close them in order to invest in people rather than buildings and extend the help provided .... into the homes of these families”

Bearing in mind the fact that my wife’s grandson only ever saw a health visitor once, Lorraine Pengilly’s experience quoted and that of many others, perhaps he could indicate exactly how much more investment was made in people.

How many more people (health visitors and others) are in place now compared to before the closures?

As the Action for Children report indicates an opposite effect, could he explain how and why Swindon is different from anywhere else?

Dr Chris Barry, The Bramptons, Swindon

Infrastructure needed

Referring to the article by Aled Thomas (SA, June 13) on new parking rules, surely if the government is phasing out internal combustion engine vehicles then all new builds must have a parking space to charge the alternative vehicle (electric).

And as most working age people have an average two vehicles per household, two spaces rather than none, should be the norm. Unfortunately, as is usual, the government passes down these edicts without looking at the consequences.

There are very few public charging points in Swindon.

Are we going to have extension leads everywhere?

The infrastructure should have been started years ago.

A similar situation is heading our way if hydrogen engines are perfected and production of the hydrogen becomes cheap enough to be cost effective.

Ken Parker, Grange Park, Swindon

Enforce planning rules

If it is correct, as reported (SA, June 15), that it was a condition of granting planning permission for houses at The Grange that “a pedestrian crossing must be constructed before any houses are occupied”, why has this not happened?

If it is correct, then surely no further occupancy can be allowed until the crossing is in place?

Is it not the responsibility of the Planning Authority to ensure that the terms of contracts with developers are adhered to?

Malcolm Morrison, Prospect Hill

Praise for A&E staff

After a recent visit to Great Western Hospital have nothing but praise for all the staff who took care of me,

The ambulance turned up in just five minutes and I was well looked after by all the staff despite the fact that the A & E dept were dealing with far more patients than it was ever designed for (trolleys in corridor and this was 1am on a Monday morning. My point is that the NHS is underfunded which needs to be addressed.

Alan Stuart, Weedon Road

Tory race Brexit boost

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are the last two candidates left in the race to become Prime Minister and leader of the Conservatives.

Conservatives have been given the choice of one who campaigned for remain and one that campaigned for leave. We have already had Theresa May who was a Remainer and a total disaster as Prime Minister.

If they choose another remainer it will be the end of the Tories and a massive boost for Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green, Swindon

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