It was billed as a revamp of Swindon’s ‘front door’ to make the town centre more enticing to visitors.

But the £800,000 work on Wellington Street has left some residents angry.

They say that floodlights in the street are positioned so that their homes, and bedrooms, are lit up at night and they can’t sleep.

And they, and others, are dismayed at the large puddles that remain in the new-look street after rain.

Harry Such lives in one of the blocks of flats in the street, which links the town centre and railway station.

He said: “We are in a battle with the council. Our whole building of 65 flats has complained but nobody’s listened. I went to them two years ago, before this started, to mention what we thought would be best for the renovation.

“The floodlights make it look like a sunny day in our flat at night. We can’t have the windows open and have to wear eye masks to block enough of the light out to go to sleep.

“They decided to put a zebra crossing outside our flat with flashing lights. I understand why the bumpy cattle-grid paving is there but it shouldn’t be right outside this building. We’re kept awake by people trundling luggage over it.

“You definitely don’t need floodlights here. We knew there would be lighting but it’s ridiculously bright.

“On the day it opened, the crossing flooded because there was no drainage and the ground was uneven, so they had people digging it up again to level it out a bit.

“The street looks far better but there are practical issues that were not considered, it’s just bad planning. Future projects need to be more well-thought-out, this is ridiculous.

“I’ve been here five years with my partner.

"This is basically our pension and this work has devalued the property of Wellington House – who would want to live here now?

Adver readers were not universally impressed, especially with the pools of water left after rain.

Kev Cottrell wrote on Facebook: “They cant even lay it flat with all the puddles that build up.”

Lisa Markham added: “I saw taxis parking half up on all that nice costly paving last week so it won’t be long be for it needs doing again at our expense.””

A spokesman for Swindon Borough Council, which carried out the work, said : “Over the next few weeks, shields will be fitted to the streetlights to ensure that residents are not adversely affected.

“Alternatives to the corrugated paving are currently being sought and we’re confident that this will be rectified.

“Additional drainage works have been added to the contractor’s remit to address the pooling issues following heavy rainfall.

“We are extremely proud of the redevelopment work.

"People emerging from the railway station are now met with a welcoming route into the town centre.

"We are grateful to residents and businesses for bearing with us while the work has been undertaken and the remedial works are finished off.”