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Why are we still waiting to leave the EU?

Three years on from a decision taken to leave the EU yet we are still in the EU.

We even had to take part in EU elections, and why? Because we have a parliament full of EU sycophants throwing every obstacle in the way to prevent us leaving.

Elected people looking to overturn the referendum result. Libs putting out leaflets with ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ on them and pushing to revoke Article 50.

Labour, after promising to enact our withdrawal, now demanding a second vote.

We are in a constitutional crisis and yet still we get the likes of Adam Poole claiming Leave voters concerns about democracy with regards to the EU is unfounded.

He claims the Leave campaign was awash with lies.

We could go into what was peddled by the Remain camp, including the £350 million a week to the NHS that was never promised, or the punishment budget Osbourne tried to threaten everyone with or that great Cameron-scripted speech for Obama to deliver with menace.

But what’s the point?

We will still get the likes of Mr Poole peddling this rubbish as some kind of justification to throw democracy out of the window.

I do not doubt things were exaggerated and lies probably told but Mr Poole do not peddle the bull that this only happened from the Leave side. Then we have the illegal activities.

Or are you referring to Russian collusion that even Nick Clegg has now confirmed did not happen or maybe interference by Cambridge Analytica, which again Mr Clegg has confirmed did not have any effect whatsoever. Or maybe you are referring to the nine million of taxpayers money wasted on pro EU leaflets.

I watched as Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty sticking his fingers up to the electorate after promising a referendum in Labour’s manifesto.

I listen as Macron says he would never deliver an in ‘out’ referendum in France as he knows the French would vote to leave. I saw the Irish get forced to vote again after delivering the wrong answer the first time round. That is why people do not trust in EU democracy Mr Poole.

We are leaving the EU one way or the other.

So the way I see it Mr Poole you have three choices, you can, wait until we are out and start a campaign to re-enter, accept this is happening and try to make the best of it, or if your that desperate to remain in the EU superstate move to the continent.

Craig Halliday, Mulberry Grove

Maths in question

In reply to Steve Rose, when in the history of our country, or any country, has a slim majority been able to rob the rest of the country of their citizens’ rights?

It’s a stupid question because it’s so subjective, but you might want to consider the rise to power of the Nazi party.

The Nazis were the largest party by 1933, but they never had a majority as far as I am aware.

In any case Mr Rouse, I question your maths.

Where do you get this figure of 26 per cent? As I understand it, there was a 72 per cent turn out in 2016. Around 52 per cent of voters were in favour of Brexit. I make that 37.4 per cent of the country voting to leave, as opposed to 34.5 per cent who voted to remain.

But let’s give you the benefit of the doubt. You claim only 26 per cent of the country voted to leave and you imply it’s not a big enough majority to make the move.

At the risk of pointing out the obvious, however you look at it, rather fewer people voted to Remain.

A Sharp, Kingshill Road, Swindon

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