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We’re not in the playground!

I read the letters page most days but must admit the dominance of Messer’s Morgan and Williams are getting a bit monotonous.

It seems many of their views are about opinions rather than facts and let’s face it, most of the Brexit campaigns on both sides seem to forget about facts.

Most recently Des Morgan wrote about freedom of movement etc prior to us joining the EU but the world was a very different place then with people rarely leaving their town of birth let alone going to Europe. In fact I can’t remember anyone that even went abroad on holiday back then.

We’ve read about being alright on our own before joining the EU.

Does anyone really want to go back to these times?

If you watch the documentaries and fictional programmes based on the period before joining the EU you will see poverty, bad housing and many other aspects of life that I’m sure nobody wants to return to.

I’m not saying that the EU sorted this problem out but referring back to the “good old days” is not the answer. Whatever happens we should look to the future and look to improve the lives of everyone not just the few.

There also seems to be a fear that runs through many of the letters regarding a second referendum saying we had a democratic vote so let’s just get on with it, to have a second referendum would be undemocratic.

I ask, if we are confident that the outcome was the right one, what are we afraid of? Surely democracy is about voting for change or to keep things as they are if that’s what we feel is right. If you applied the principle of the one vote only to the general election then we would have one party rule forever. I think that could be referred to as a dictatorship!

Lastly let’s have a bit of respect for the people that don’t agree with Brexit and stop trying to insult them by calling them Remoaners. These people are allowed an opinion as well, just because you don’t agree with them you don’t have to lower yourselves to name calling. We are not in the playground any more!

Roy Bacon, Foxbridge, Swindon

We should be worried

Re “All lives remembered” (Adver Martin Webb 26/6/19) and “Trust your neighbour?” (Bill Williams). What a curious correspondent is Mr Webb.

In one letter he condemned the coming Armed Forces Day and in the next he tells us that he actually attended it! When you turn up at any such public event, be it Armed Forces Day or Pride, attendance means you support it, full stop.

Bill Williams seems to have missed the point entirely.

Why would anyone wish to tape your private conversations? You are not a politican!

Think previous Chancellor George Osbourne, arch hypocrite, who advised us that “we are all in this together”, when in fact he had been renting out his London property all the time, obtaining £60,000 income every year, while pushing through draconian and heartless austerity measures on the vulnerable. In short politicans’ private lives should concern us.

Jeff Adams, Bloomsbury, Swindon

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