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Science park? It’s just a fancy title...

With regards the recent reports in the Swindon Advertiser about the packaging and logistics company Wasdell and their desire to build a so-called science park just outside Swindon in the buffer zone next to Wanborough.

There appears to be an attempt by Wasdell to give an image to your readers that they produce pharmaceuticals.

There have been two articles recently printed by the Adver about Wasdell, which are accompanied by photos showing staff dressed in white lab coats and hair nets.

When reading the article one can be led to believe that Wasdell actually research and produce medicines and tablets for use within the medical profession.

My own search on line confirms what Wasdell actually do with regards pharmaceuticals.

They are a packaging company that produces medicinal packaging which is then used to seal in tablets and medicines for the pharmaceuticals industry which they distribute to.

This is obviously done under strict sterile conditions but Wasdell is for all intents and purposes a logistical company as far as I can see.

With this in mind one can begin to wonder why the application to build a ‘science park’ right on the edge of Wanborough comes from, when the applicant is purely a packaging and logistical company.

Could it be that we mere mortals were expected to accept the application with a fancy title instead of what is actually intended and that being a distribution depot.

I sincerely hope the planners don’t allow this on the basis of a fancy title for a truck stop and all the traffic associated with it.

Mike Fowler, Lotmead, Wanborough

That joke isn’t funny

Just seven years ago the country was invited to put itself and those that could least afford it into even more debt than we are already to satisfy the desires of the privileged elite in the capital and as is the case all the time, those who bared the brunt of the cost were those who got none of the benefits.

The 2012 Games.

What they did get however is the type of pathetic vile insults they have now grown used to from idiots that refuse to accept the result of the referendum.

Insults such as racists, homophobia and bigotry for daring to voice their opinion in a ballot they were perfectly entitled to take part in.

So apparently according to Zoe McCormick everyone who does not share her opinion should be censored or worse. Apparently any assault on anyone at any time is because of bigotry from those darn leavers who have been allowed to fester.

If you notice Zoe’s cited cases of Jo Cox and MPs, remain of course, needing protection is an indictment on the tolerance of society.

Yet Zoe makes no mention of the targeted assaults and threats of violence on the other end of the spectrum. Like a well known leftist comedian suggesting it would be funny to throw acid over Nigel Farage.

How about the attacks on leavers with milkshakes, I know just a joke, grow a sense of humour. Only now these idiot defenders against perceived hate have added a new punchline, mixing in quick drying cement, okay, it’s caustic but really funny.

Zoe, the only pedlars of hate are people like you and you throw the violence in with it. Your only goal to silence anyone who does not share your views and failing that label them.

Your right hate is on the increase it’s just coming from those who pretend to be against it.

Craig Halliday, Mulberry Grove

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