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Brexit is not a factor

I READ with interest the recent headline ‘Brexit makes learning a language more important’ (SA, July 8).

Without doubt, being able to learn and converse in any foreign language is fantastic. I only speak a little bit of French myself – enough to get by should I need help with travel, hotel bookings, directions etc. It’s certainly rewarding to be able to communicate in the local lingo. Therefore, I’d definitely recommend people of all ages learning a foreign language.

I’ve visited every member country of the European Union. Wherever I’ve been English is widely spoken, especially by the younger generation.

Whether you decide to learn another language or not is a personal choice. I cannot believe the wording in the SA headline. In my opinion, it’s scaremongering yet again by a pro-remain newspaper. Without doubt, learning another language, at any time, is good. But, without doubt, it has absolutely nothing to do with Brexit at all, should the result of the 2016 referendum ever be implemented.

Alan Wilson, Shapwick Close, Nythe

We deserve better

For well over 1,000 days this inept government has done precious little other than fight amongst itself due to having elected a weak MP to lead them. So, while they squabble in parliament the problems for ordinary people become an even bigger millstone, hampering our daily lives. Our ‘leaders’ seem unable to grasp that their hated ‘bedroom tax’, unjustly set Universal Credit and imposed VAT increase to 20 per cent are making life impossible for many, reinforcing the manta that the Tories really are the ‘nasty party’.

Some really pressing matters for ordinary people seem to be glossed over while millionaires ignore the plight of the chaos our care system for the elderly. Knife crime is endemic in some of our cities and the opportunities for rehabilitation in our prisons is squandered. Since the last vote in parliament our currency has gone down by 5 per cent, pushing up prices.

In my opinion one of the biggest lost opportunities over the last nine years is to do with law and order. Ever since Mrs May was home secretary she has persistently supported cuts to the number of police and renewed this policy when prime minister. Instead of capitalising on any reduction in crime to push back the boundaries of acceptable behaviour by going into schools and communities, reducing the opportunities for misbehaviour by education and presence they simply cut the strength of the presence that this country peaceful nature depends on.

This austerity programme is an activity that the Tories chose to embark upon. When picking a new leader will the 0.2 per cent of the population sign up for even more cuts to the number of nurses trained, or recruitment problems that schools experience or cuts to the fire service? I want the government to improve matters – we deserve better.

Bob Pixton, Abney Moor, Liden

Joke is on the Irish

Craig Halliday (SA, July 6) claims you can no longer tell a certain type of joke. Actually, you usually can as long as the joke applies to yourself as well, or you could stick to actual behaviour rather than lazy stereotypes.

For example: An Englishman, a Scot, and an Irishman walk into a pub. The Englishman orders a round of drinks, drinks them all, votes to leave, tells the Scot he has to leave too, and leaves the Irishman to pay the bill.

Howard March, Stratton St Margaret

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