THE QUEEN’S Drive of a drug addict mum who was being targeted by London dealers has been sealed by police.

Magistrates signed the three month closure order after hearing council tenant Jane Hurd was being pestered by the drug dealers to peddle the product on their behalf.

The order bans anyone except 46-year-old Ms Hurd, her two children, Swindon Borough Council officers and the emergency services from entering the house.

The application came after police found spotted two suspected drug dealers leaving the Queens Road home and chuck drug wraps into a rose bush before heading on towards the Subway sandwich shop. Officers were visiting the home for a routine check.

Ms Hurd told police the two men had been trying to get her to sell drugs. In a statement, presented to magistrates, PC Thomas Ashforth said he had spoken to Ms Hurd: “She stated that the two males had been at her address as she owes them a £200 drugs debt and that they were there to either recover the money from her or to get recompense from her by making her deal drugs for them.”

She denied the men had been staying at the house, which she shares with her five year-old son and baby daughter. However, PC Ashforth said: “They must had been there for some time, as we had been monitoring both the front and back doors of the house and no one had entered the house at all, including Jane.”

The house has previously been used by County Lines dealers as a base from which to sell drugs. Last winter, the home was the centre of a London drugs line nicknamed "Alpo".