AN apology has been made by Trowbridge Town Council after they admitted they had not followed the correct procedure in demolishing the public toilets in the town park.

Despite not needing planning permission to go ahead with demolition last month, the town council were required to inform Wiltshire Council before hand in case of complications such as asbestos.

However this requirement was not met.

A spokesman from Trowbridge town council said: “At the extraordinary meeting of Trowbridge Town Council the Town Clerk apologised to the Council and the public for any embarrassment that had been caused as a result of not correctly following the required procedures prior to the demolition of the public toilet block in Trowbridge Town Park.

“The toilets had been demolished earlier in the month following a resolution by the Council to demolish them.

“Whilst the demolition did not require planning permission, the Town Clerk should have informed the planning authority, Wiltshire Council, of the proposal to demolish the building and reinstatement of the area.

“The area where the toilet block had been situated will be landscaped and returned to be part of the Park for the public to enjoy.”

Trowbridge town councillor Edward Kirk, who has been against the demolition of the toilets, said: "My argument is that we didn't go through a proper reporting process where the impact of closing the toilets was assessed.

"There is no penalty for this mistake and we haven't done anything for which we can be fined and the demolition would have still gone ahead as planned."