A COME Dine With Me contestant says she was booted from Wetherspoons after taking her dog inside when she stopped for a meal. 

Sharon Woodhouse, 42, was with fellow reality TV show diner Jane Buckle when they were asked to leave The Savoy in Regent Street. 

The pair had taken Sharon’s dog Boris into the pub and had already ordered their food by the time they were told they had to go. 

This Is Wiltshire:

Sharon, from Stratton, said the attitude of the staff who approached them was rude, despite the pub having no clear signage on the doors about no dogs. They had decided to dine at Wetherspoons before Jane and Boris were due to have a photoshoot at Queens Park.

The Savoy does have a ‘no dogs’ sign, however it is located to the side of the building, not on the door, and states ‘assistance dogs only’.

Jane who has also appeared on OAPs Behaving Badly, said: “As I am a reality TV star it was disgusting the way we were treated. 

“Firstly they said Boris couldn’t come inside, so I sat outside on the tables provided. Then one of the staff came out and removed me from there, so I sat on a seat in the middle of Swindon high street eating, much to the bewilderment of passers-by. 

“The indignity of it all, especially as I am a pensioner,” she said. “It felt very uncomfortable in every way especially as passers-by recognised Sharon and me from Come Dine With Me.”

This Is Wiltshire:

Boris is another familiar face to viewers. He appeared on TV in last year’s Petplan adverts.

Jason Nash, shift leader at The Savoy, said: “No dogs allowed, apart from guide dogs and assistance dogs. It’s the same for the whole company. Not allowed on the premises at all.”
When it was suggested the staff member had been rude when asking the women to leave, he said: “I wouldn’t have that, I didn’t know. Usually if they’ve already bought a drink and they have a dog I’m quite lenient as I love dogs.

“So if they’ve already bought a drink and are sat outside I would just say to them they can finish but then they have to leave. 

“I didn’t know anything about the incident, but it really shouldn’t have happened, they should have been allowed to eat and drink, but then they would have to go. That’s just company policy.”