A BULLDOG'S disappearance is being investigated by police as a possible dog-napping.

Gus, an 18-month-old New Age bulldog, was last seen in a garden on Telford Pool Lane, Cheney Manor, on Wednesday.

His owners have offered a £1,000 reward for information leading to his safe return. A Facebook appeal has been shared 27,000 times.

And his disappearance is now being investigated by police as a suspected theft.

Owner Jessica Moran, 27, from Rodbourne, said: “We have only slept a few hours, we haven’t been without Gus for more than a night since we got him at seven weeks old.

“As we don’t have children, I would honestly say that Gus has been the centre of our world since the day we got him. We are completely lost without him, he is the cheekiest, cutest little boy you could ever meet, and he just adores everyone."

Jessica said she had chased down half a dozen sightings.

She fears that Gus, who has a natural predisposition to develop bladder stones, could become dangerously unwell if he is not found soon.

Call Wiltshire Police on 101.