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Brexit nightmare will worsen under Boris

I write this from Tenerife. Out here, if they see our decision to cut adrift from Europe in an increasingly globalised world, as bizarre.

They react with incredulity when I say we will choose Boris Johnson as our next Prime Minister.

He is seen here as a publicity seeking clown, a kind of bumbling and pathetic figure almost of ridicule, and someone without the intellect or gravitas to engage successfully on a world stage.

Although a particularly undistinguished Foreign Secretary, he more than most, should understand the necessity to support our diplomatic service, paid for by us taxpayers, to provide candid and accurate assessments of the regimes they are sent to.

If this duty is unknowingly compromised, they are entitled to our unqualified backing.

Johnson’s silence, effectively meant US Ambassador Kim Darroch had no option but to resign, in the face of a tirade of personal abuse from the White House.

Fellow Conservative Nicholas Soames was scathing in his criticism of Johnson, arguing he had diminished the office of Prime Minister even before he is appointed … unquestionably a first!

More seriously however, it is a signpost to a Johnson Premiership. Brexiteers talk nonsensically about all the cards we have.

As a weakened, diminished and somewhat desperate country, understand that from a US perspective we have NO cards.

Almost uniquely in the world, we presently sell more to them than they sell to us.

They want, and seemingly will get, three things only.

To reverse the imbalance, more access to the management of our health service and the opening of our markets to currently banned food imports including GM.

It probably won’t poison us, but it will lower UK food standards and likely bankrupt large parts of our farming community.

Promoted as a project to take back control, it looks to me, under Johnson, increasingly like a grovelling submission to the whim of an unpleasant and unpredictable US President?

Johnson, even with his 2:1 in classics, is a stupid and superficial character who will be taken apart by Trump and Co.

Can this nightmare get any worse?

I truly fear it can.

John Stooke, Havisham Drive, Swindon

Worms’ way with waste

Stephen Blanchard is worried that the food waste recycling will cause smells in his house.

Other correspondents have assured him that it doesn’t and I am sure the borough council would insure that it doesn’t, otherwise there wouldn’t be a take up of the scheme.

There is another way of recycling food waste if you have a garden and that is with a worm tower.

Take a three foot length of six inch plastic pipe, drill 1/2 inch holes in the bottom foot and bury it in the ground to just cover the holes.

Put some garden compost in the bottom and add some worms. Not any worm, bramblings are the ones you want the smallish red ones you get in leaf litter or compost.

Put some kitchen scraps on top and some shredded or torn up paper on top of that, water and cover the top with an upturned plastic flower pot. After about a week the worms will have bred and you can start putting all your scraps in except citrus peel.

If it is put in the middle of a flower bed it not only recycles your waste but fertilises your plants.

Steve Thompson, Norman Road, Swindon

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