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Pride in pacifism

I have, in recent years, read with great interest Martin Webb’s letters regarding his opposition to war, his pacifism and his pride in wearing the white peace poppy.

So it was with some surprise that I read Jeff Adams’ letter (SA June 29) in which he appeared to question Martin’s integrity.

Yes, Martin did state in a previous letter that he visited Faringdon Road park on the morning of Armed Forces Day 22nd June, and that he spoke to members of the Royal Yeomanry.

But did Jeff Adams consider asking himself why Martin needed to go to the park and speak to them?

Did Martin need some information from them that he couldn’t obtain elsewhere?

There may have been various reason why he went there, but given his strong opposition to most things military, I doubt he got any pleasure in going there or showed any support for those in military garb or spent any great length of time at the park, do you Jeff?

W Thomas, Ferndale, Swindon

Excuses for losers

In response to those calling for a people’s vote on E.U. membership, it is absolutely amazing to me how many times stating the bleeding obvious has to be done.We have had the people’s vote in 2016.

If anyone thinks holding a second vote will rectify things they are deeply mistaken. All it will achieve is a constitutional crisis with millions of annoyed people quite rightly believing they have been shafted by sore losers.

With regards to Mr Rouse’s comments about David Cameron and Farage putting us in a mess, utter nonsense. Try understanding how democracy works, which I know is difficult for those europhiles still hurt over the result.

The Tories in 2015 went to the country with a manifesto promising a referendum, they got in with a majority. In 2016 the largest turnout for a democratic vote happened. The referendum was clearly wanted.

Sadly ever since that referendum hurt losers including MPs have plotted non-stop to screw this process up. If these spoilt children had simply accepted the result and united to get the best deal there would not be a problem.

But no, we are still getting all kinds of idiotic reasons why we need a people’s vote - we did not vote on a destination, we did not vote to be poorer, NHS will collapse.

What about 350 million Leavers cheated? Racism, bigotry democracy is fluid. I am surprised there is not a book of 1001 poor excuses for losers of referendums

Craig Halliday, Mulberry Grove, Swindon

Increase PCSO powers

Police Federation representative Mark Andrews wants to axe Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs).

He also makes the absurd claim that cuts to officer numbers has led to an increase in violent crime.

With regard to the first suggestion to axe PCSOs, Mr Andrews is simply wrong in his judgement of their relevance and should concentrate his ire on the silliness of positioning a trained police officer in a car at the scene of a crime some hours after the crime had been committed.

He could also ask why the police forces are insisting that all new recruits must be educated to degree level, a position which could affect the recruitment of Special Constables who have the same powers as a regular officer, but with limited training and lower educational qualifications.

If the College of Policing scheme becomes the only route to becoming a police officer the net results will include a reduction in the number of officers due to the lengthy training programme and a significant increase in costs associated with training and development budgets.

One force estimates that the new PEQF will cost £1.1m per year.

Surely the answer to Mr Andrew’s dilemma is to increase the powers of a PCSO

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive, Swindon

Dorcan Way race track

SA recently reported that a car was chased and eventually stopped by the Police because it had been seen to be driving with excessive speed.

Well that’s a surprise. I think not. This town has a vast number of drivers who regularly exceed the speed limit. In fact, Dorcan Way from the Messenger roundabout towards Coate Water is a race track. There is a 40mph limit but I’ve seen people in cars and motorbikes hammer it in excess of 60mph. The Drive in Nythe is a mini race track for some despite the fact there’s a pelican crossing right next to a junior school. Greenbridge Road is the same and I could add a lot more roads to the list as well.

Why do people think its right to drive like it? Is it because they know that there is little chance of being caught? There is virtually no enforcement due to reduction of Police numbers, driven by the Government’s austerity measures.

Consequently, some people do what they want, when they want and couldn’t care less about the Highway Code or anybody else. Quite frankly, they are ignorant, selfish individuals. It’s shocking, dangerous and has to stop before someone gets seriously injured or killed.

Alan Wilson, Shapwick Close, Nythe

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