HAD environmental health officers not seized illegally-butchered pig carcasses the meat could have been served to unsuspecting diners, a Swindon councillor said.

Coun Cathy Martyn's comments came as Swindon Borough Council won the backing of JPs to destroy the two pig carcasses, seized in a swoop on a Penhill home. One of the bodies was found in a paddling pool and the other in a barbecue.

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"Had our environmental health officers not acted as quickly as they did to investigate the activities at this unregistered premises, the meat from these unfit pig carcasses would have been served to unsuspecting members of the public," said Coun Martyn, cabinet member for public safety.

“While this should not reflect on the majority of registered, hard-working food businesses in Swindon, I hope it gives the public reassurance that we take matters such as this very seriously.”