Chippenham: (Pictured) Chalkland Vets has been given permission to update its signage in New Road in Chippenham. There was objection from Chippenham Town Council which argued that LED lighting would harm the Grade II Listed Building, however planners disagreed. The vets confirmed it would: “respect the existing fabric of the building and sensitively meet the requirements of the building”

Chippenham Town Council stated: “The large size and integrated LED strip lighting, would have an adverse impact on the significance of this Grade II Listed Building.” Planning was approved.

Devizes: A building that has previously been a chocolate manufacture, a joinery workshop and an engineering workshop will now be turned into housing. Brick Barn and Byde Farm in Sleight, Devizes has had planning approved in the past to be used for a range of business. Now it will be turned into a single home. The building had been used to house ponies and sheep at lambing time but now appears to be disused.

Calne: Extensions have been approved at homes on Guthrie Close in Calne. Changes will be made to both the main house and an extra building within the land. The extensions will be single storey high which planners deemed “acceptable” for the area the building work will take place in. No objections were made by the town council or neighbours to Amy Miskell-Dodd’s planning application.

Malmesbury: Retrospective planning permission has been refused at The Tangled Garden in Kings Walk, and so changes must now be corrected. Home owners had remodelled the existing roof to create attic rooms and added a first floor wooden terrace but were in breach of some planning conditions.

Malmesbury Town Council outlined these in an objection letter and said: “The application is seeking to regularise two significant breaches of the original permission, namely the construction of the spiral staircase in the wrong position and replacing the approved etched glass screen with a wooden panel.”

Owners of a neighbouring bungalow said the development has an “overbearing” effect on their home.

They added: “The spiral staircase as it is now positioned gives a sight-line straight into one of our bedrooms and our sitting room when people are descending the stairs.”

Planning permission for the changes already made have been refused by Wiltshire Council. Planners agreed that the staircase had caused a loss of privacy.

Corsham: A two storey extension to replace a conservatory in Westwells, Neston has been refused.

Neighbour Nigel Powles objected to the application and even called for the conservatory on the site to also be pulled down. He argued that his family had lost their privacy due to the extension and urged planners to rule that the building be removed entirely.

He said: “We have previously had people staring in through our window.” Architects for the home owners said that all concerns had been addressed by measures to set the extension one metre back from the land boundary and use materials that will prevent noise and light from impacting the neighbour.

However planners ruled that the two storey proposal would have an “overbearing and enclosing effect on the outlook from the neighbouring house” and blocked planning permission.