Goalkeeping legend Fraser Digby lent his gloves to charity on Saturday.

The ex-Town player took time out of his schedule to play in goal as part of a penalty shoot-out organised by the Swindon Branch of Parkinsons UK.

The charity is entering its 43rd year and this is the second year in a row Fraser has helped them out.

After saving a few spot kicks, Fraser said: "I'm lucky enough that I'm still relatively young, fit and able to get out and about.

"But Parkinsons is a really difficult disease, it attacks anybody.

"These guys are such a great group of people, they do all the work for the charity, nobody gets anything out of it.

"All the blokes here have Parkinsons, and you see them shaking and you see what they're going through but when they come here they have great smiles on their faces and they're such an upbeat group of people.

"It's an inspiration, and if I can help them whichever way I can, I would help them every day I can."

Exercise is said to reduce the effects of Parkinsons and the charity works with sufferers in Swindon to help get the exercise they need via events such as walking football.