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There is a magic money tree and here it comes

A lot of unbelievable things have been going on since less than 100,000 members of the Conservative Party recently cast their vote to elect a new leader.

At the same time, just over 80,000 members of the Liberal Democrat Party performed a similar exercise, with a similar result.

A few years ago the almost half a million members of the Labour Party did likewise, twice.

The country’s new prime minister has started with typical bluster, enthusiasm and positive attitude.

One of our local (Tory) MPs commented that this had been notably lacking for three years.

Odd that isn’t it?

Mrs. May was appointed by the very people who are now saying she wasn’t the best for the job.

Perhaps they should have had a general election when David Cameron resigned.

Oh! We did. And the result is why we are in the mire now: a Government without any force to act.

This is why, for the last three years and counting, precious little has been done to iron out the inequalities and results of poor legislation in our country.

Instead the Tories have continued with their weapon of choice, as they have for most of this decade, with austerity measures, destroying communities, families and destroying peoples’ lives.

Of course they could have chosen another method to combat the global financial crisis from 2008: they could have borrowed money. They derided this.

Oh! But what do I see coming over the hill?

It is someone carrying a tree, Dosh Populus, commonly known as the Money Tree.

When planted it will rejuvenate communities, produce 22,000 police officers and have enough left over to build a Crossrail of the north.

It is a close call as to who is the most unbelievable: Boris/Tooth Fairy/Santa - tough choice.

So the nigh on ten years of suffering cuts have all been a political con trick, a tap turned off or on whenever it pleases Tories in power.

Meanwhile we have to suffer.

We deserve better.

Bob Pixton, Abney Moor, Liden

How many more new visions for Swindon?

Can anyone tell us how many visions in Swindon make one proper decision?

Who will actually decide to get anything done?

Over the months all we get is visions of what anything might look like ie: the Mechanics, Locarno (had some great times there skating and dancing). A shopping area? Snow and skiing at the Oasis and now Monday July 15th Adver “New Vision for the Town.”

The only things that keep coming are the houses.

Christine Parker, Coronation Road, Wroughton

Good causes missing out in the digital age

Every single day I get more and more cross when reading my Advertiser.

There are people wanting to sell tickets for venues or needing a donation for a good cause etc, many of which I would like to go to or donate to but I can’t because these people only want you if you have a computer.

There is no alternative way like a telephone or address to contact them.

I don’t have and never want to have a computer but I am disappointed this means I have to miss out on so many things I’d be interested in.

Mrs Lawrence, Mundy Avenue, Swindon

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