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Would Mrs Thatcher have grovelled to EU?

Doesn’t it make you feel proud again of our United Kingdom?

We now appear to have a Prime Minister who isn’t afraid to tell it the way it really is.

He has stated that the UK will leave the EU on the 31st October with or without a deal.

That then is written in letters of stone. At least we hope it is.

Just what did Theresa May and Hammond achieve during the last three years.

All they did was to make us appear stupid.

They took everything the EU threw at us and accepted it as gospel.

Was this because they were at heart Remainers and were determined to play by their own rules to keep us stuck in the monumentally corrupt EU?

It make one wonder just how many of these Remainer MPs have investments in the EU that they have failed to declare to Parliament.

And don’t forget they are legally obliged to do this. And indeed if this is the case then of course we can see who they were protecting. It wasn’t the country.

Boris, like him or loathe him shows none of these traits.

He is proud of our country as all true Brits should be. Yes proud of it warts and all. It’s what has made us what we all are defiant, steadfast, brave but also willing to listen to others and indeed, help them if we can.

The solution now rests with the EU and its chief negotiators Michel Barnier. Yes that’s the one, the one that hates us Brits. The one who put every obstacle in our way.

The boot’s on the other foot now. It’s up to them to respond, not for us to make concessions.

Mrs May grovelled in front of all the EU leaders and to be honest, they rubbed her nose in it.

Where was her pride?

Could you have ever in your wildest dreams imagined Margaret Thatcher behaving in this way? If you can imagine that then you are either extremely young or lived on a different planet to the rest of us. We have the initiative now. Don’t give the EU a chance to wriggle out this time. Keep on at `em Boris.

Let the Good Times Roll.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

Right or wrong, it’s OK to venture an opinion

In his recent letter, Peter Smith states that I said making any kind of public protest is automatically hypocritical. “By Chris Gleed’s reasoning the only unhypocritical act by campaigners on climate change is to live in a cave somewhere eschewing all trappings of modern life.”

As far as I remember, I did not mention that ‘any kind of protest is hypocritical’!

I did imply that there is an element of hypocrisy within the protest.

We are, I think, doing the best we can and can lead other countries but do other countries take note.

China, I gather are producing batteries for future electric cars and polluting their atmosphere in the process!

One protester on TV at the weekend admitted flying abroad and driving his polluting car!

I just implied that there are double standards involved.

Some of the protesters were so young that they don’t know what protesting is all about!

Some, I am sure are not working anyway.

Peter has his opinion, I have mine, but that doesn’t mean to say he is correct or indeed that I am.

People seem to respond to say that I am ‘wrong’ etc.

As I mentioned, it is my own opinion and I don’t need anyone to say I am wrong.

Disagree, yes.

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton, Swindon

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