FLYTIPPING, including someone discarded plaster caste for a broken arm, is continuing to blight the countryside this summer as more incidents are reported to Wiltshire Council.

In the space of just 48 hours three flytipping incidents have been reported online.

Some have blamed more flytipping on the closure of Everleigh waste centre while others say that people must not let unlicensed people clear away their clutter as it could end up on the side of the road.

Dan Mercer a farmer who rents land from the MOD. He discovered the most recent dump of rubbish. He said: “We’ve seen a lot more garden waste being dumped and TVs and flytipping in general going up since Eveleigh closed. It’s about a mile and a half away from here so people don’t want to drive to Marlborough or Devizes. There is more flytipping going on over the summer months. This last lot looks like a tipped truck has just gone along and dumped it there. I have reported it to Wiltshire Council but they say because it is a private land they don’t have to clean it up. The MOD have now cleared it but every time it happens it costs them money. It costs other farmers money too.

This has been the third time in the last few weeks that rubbish has been cleared from the private track off Chicks Lane of the A342.

A sofa was dumped in woodland area near Woodborough, sparking more concerns that people were using unlicensed people to get rid of old furniture. Hannah Mcburney took to social media to say: “This has all started happening after the Everleigh tip closed because people can’t be bothered to travel up to other recycling centres.”

One man lives nearby Thingley Junction and believes asbestos has been dumped close to the caravan park and said: “The streets are constantly being used to dump rubbish and furniture. At the moment there is asbestos there. It has been reported but it is a constant dumping ground now. People have made several comments bout the area.”

A Wiltshire Council spokesperson said: “We are determined to eradicate fly-tipping in Wiltshire as it costs significant money and time to investigate and clear – money we’d much rather spend on vital services.

“The fly-tipping at Chicks Lane is commercial waste and could not have been disposed of at the recycling centre.”

“We always make every effort to investigate and take action against the individuals who do this.

“We are also working on new initiatives to combat fly-tipping and more details will be released on this soon.

“We can’t eradicate this ourselves and support of the public is vital, so when they are out and about we’d encourage them to download My Wiltshire or visit our website to report to us anything they see."