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Climate poppycock

I read with interest the article by new Adver reporter Connor Mountford entitled Climate change will mean food shortages, which was excellently written if I may say so, even though as to be expected the information that was supplied by Extinction Rebellion was totally false and well wide of the mark as normal.

The first piece of scary nonsense that cannot be backed up by any evidence is that Swindon could, and note the use of the word ‘could’ see an average temperature rise of 4C in the summer of 2100. This seems highly unlikely as the planet has been cooling since 2002, which is due to the sun having gone in to regular and predictable 206 year hibernation, with very few if any sunspots on its surface. The last time that this happened was during the early 1800s and was named the Dalton minimum or Dalton little ice age, which saw retreating troops of Napoleon’s army in 1812 freeze to death en-route from Russia back to France.

The next little ice age that we have now entered in to will start to make itself felt in 2020 and will reach a peak of severe cold around 2035 which is reliably shown by scientific evidence to likely resemble the much more severe Maunder minimum little ice age of the 1600’s which was when frost fairs were held on the river Thames for months at a time, and which produced food and grain shortages and resultant famine and starvation all over Europe and North America.

It is now predicted to last for 400 years which also means that the farming belt of North America, Russia and Europe will fail which will result in higher food prices and shortages, but not for the false reasons given out by Extinction Rebellion of climate change meaning man-made global warming, which is an absolute myth.

It is the Sun and not man that governs the climate of our planet. However we should be preparing now as it should be considered that there are many more mouths to feed these days as was the case during the Maunder little ice age, and mankind should be looking urgently at poly-tunnels, geothermal greenhouses, hydroponics, and underground growing facilities. The US has already suffered severe winters as has Europe, with the wild jet

I can now hear people shouting, well that is rubbish as what about the recent hot spell we had, and look at the hot summer of 2018, however this can be answered as being the result of the lack of sun spots, which have an effect upon the planet’s jets stream winds in the upper atmosphere, as the normal magnetic field that modulates it weakens which allows it to move further south from the North Pole and become much more wavy, wild, and convoluted.

The resultant wavy jet steam along with an anti cyclonic block over Europe was thus responsible for picking up heat from North Africa and bringing it up to Western Europe and the UK. It is in fact part of the abnormal weather that none of us has witnessed in our lifetimes and is due to the new Eddy little ice age which is named after the late US astronomer Jack Eddy, who did so much work on solar physics and in particular these predictable regular cycles of which there are many in addition to the 11 year one that most of us are familiar with. I feel that the nonsense surrounding climate change to mean heating as it is referred to now in place of man-made global warming is due to the fact that satellite data since 2002 has clearly shown that global temperatures are in fact falling in line with the Eddy minimum.

An even bigger scam that is being forever pushed harder by the green lobby along with Extinction Rebellion is CO2 hoax of it being a so called green house gas along with other hydrocarbons such as methane. Carbon dioxide is a trace gas that makes up just 0.04 per cent of the Earth’s atmosphere, with man’s contribution to that as a maximum value just 4 per cent.

It is a complete hoax to suggest that man’s CO2 emissions heat up the planet as levels of the gas rise after natural heating cycles and are not responsible for producing heating. Therefore everyone should realise what the hoax is all about which is to extract extra a tax from people for so called more expensive green energy, and to line the pockets of wealthy people that are engaged in the carbon trading scam.

Back in March this year I hosted a presentation by Piers Corbyn in Swindon entitled The Bigger Picture in which he was able to tell the full story concerning the false ideas and fake manipulated science surrounding climate change of the warming variety or man-made global warming as it used to be referred to, and in particular the CO2 hoax surrounding the carbon trading scam.

Piers Corbyn runs a weather and climate forecasting site known as, for anyone that is interested on reading up further on what I have written here. He is a physicist, astro-physicist and research physicist having qualified at the UCL London and is an expert on weather forecasting and climate trends.

Finally we all do need to be concerned about food shortages, however the reasons for it could not be further away from the truth as it is a new little ice age that will be the cause, and the claim that is often heard from Extinction Rebellion and other so-called green parties in that they are somehow magicians and have the capability to as they put it save the planet by cutting CO2 is just ridiculous poppycock!

G A Woodward, Nelson Street, Swindon

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