Martin Freeman has been speaking about his role in the upcoming drama A Confession.

In the drama, Freeman plays Det Supt Steve Fulcher, the detective who broke procedure when he questioned killer Christopher Halliwell about the disappearance of Sian O’Callaghan in Swindon.

The show is due to start on ITV later this month and Freeman said: “The biggest tragedy is the women who died and their families but this is an awful thing that happened to him. Fulcher was deemed to be a bad guy by some people.”

Here is what you said on Facebook.

Sioban Ellis: “He was horrendously treated.

“As a mother myself if I’d had been searching for my child for years with no hope of ever finding them, I’d have been grateful to him forever for what he did and however he came to do so.”

Joanna Millin: “He was treated as a scapegoat. I read his book and it was quite eye opening. Anyone would have done the same thing in order to have a family get some sort of closure as to what happened. Maybe policy needed to be reviewed in light of this.”

Natalie Mitchell: “This man deserves praise for what he did, I recommend everyone to read the book.”

Jake Brookman: “He did what he had to. I have the utmost respect for him.”

Liz Potts: “Steven Fulcher is an absolute hero for what he did.”

Jane Howcutt: “Wiltshire Police should hang their heads in shame.”

Manda Thackray: “Steve Fulcher deserves nothing but praise. He put his own career on the line and solved two murders and opened up questions to a lot more.

“He was treated absolutely disgracefully. Shame on whoever decided to hand him for his hard work.”

Lucy Morrison: “I love Steve. If it wasn’t for him Becks wouldn’t have been found. We are all by you Steve.”

Georgia Gorton: “He did what he thought was best. I think if it wasn’t for him it would have taken a lot longer to find out what had happened.

“He worked day and night to find out what happened and he got punished for it.”

Mavis Hale: “He was doing the right thing, to catch a killer and find a young woman and he was punished for it. Disgusting.”

Sally Wallis: “I’ve read his book and have the upmost respect for what he did.

“His book leaves a lot of unanswered questions about other possible victims.

“Answers I don’t think will ever be answered now.”

June Law: “He deserves praise and admiration for what he did.

“For the families involved I am glad he did what he did.

“The laws of the country is not always the right way.”

Neil Robinson: “Not sure I like how this case is being constantly portrayed with dramas and books. People know what happened.

“Fulcher did a great job, but not sure why this needs to be milked any further.”

Jenny Turner: “He did the right think, 100 per cent. Poor Becky would never have been found otherwise. May both girls rest in peace.”

Meryl Lovell: “No winners in this. Fulcher deserves nothing but praise and deserves so much praise. Sympathy to the families and friends who live with this every day.”

Carley Adam: “I find it sick to make a program of this, personally.”

Amber Jayne: “Unbelievable how he was treated by the police force.

“He should get an award for his service, not be made a scapegoat.

“Unfortunately, this is what is wrong with the legal system.”