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Climate change? It’s not something I believe in

Re: ‘Plan not good enough’ (Adver, August 9) by Councillor Jane Milner-Barry.

Like so many other people around the world who have been taken in by the global government political organisations like the IPCC, the UN, and the fake ‘man made global warming’ scam, her heart is definitely in the right place.

The planet is actually cooling as we enter a Grand Solar Minimum, however the BBC and the mainstream media devotes seemingly no time at all to what is really happening to the climate.

Jane began her letter by referring to Swindon residents who care about cutting carbon emissions, by stating that we have until September 23, 2019, to shape a crucial document that will determine the development of our town for years to come.

However even though yet again her heart is in the right place, why would residents care about something that is an obvious hoax which more and more people are waking up to, as carbon dioxide is a trace gas compound that makes up just 0.04 per cent of the planet’s atmosphere with man’s contribution being just four per cent of that total, which is insignificantly small and has no effect what so ever.

Carbon dioxide is currently at an unprecedented low level in the planet’s history and has been at least 20 times its current level during major ice ages as ice cores from polar regions have clearly indicated.

Carbon dioxide along with any other so called ‘greenhouse gases’ do not precede increases in global temperature but on the contrary are a result of natural sun controlled cyclical warming. To simplify it CO2 is a consequence of warming, and not a cause of it!

It is really sad that many good people like Jane are being misled and taken in by a scam that has the purpose of increasing what we pay for energy with the levy of so-called green taxes, whilst the organisations and individuals behind it make themselves richer at the expense of the mass majority. The biggest hoax being so called ‘carbon trading’ where fortunes are being made out of us all.

It is sad that even our school children have been hijacked by the likes of Greta Thunberg who has been deliberately been set up for the purpose of spreading the fake message in young minds, with no other reason than the purpose of lining the pockets of vested interests.

She will no doubt be handsomely rewarded for her efforts and has now firmly established ‘financial independence’ from those behind her for the rest of her days.

Finally there are many genuine and good people in organisations akin to Extinction Rebellion that like Jane Milner Barry really believe in what they are being used to do, but one only needs to go back to the foundation of the movement to see how and why it was first founded and the people behind it that unsurprisingly are part of the gravy train of the get rich quick scam. There is a lot of fake science and data out there with the sole purpose of detracting from what is really happening to the climate which runs contrary to what they are telling us all.

G A Woodward, Nelson Street, Swindon

All in this together?

As the summer nears its end when walking to my local tonight even with my staunch umbrella, my shoes and the bottom of my trousers were saturated with heavy showers.

The early warning signs of a fading season are stark in their contrast as the daylight fades by the minutes in the evenings.

Welcome to Britain our island regardless of colour or creed. Personally I am bored to tears with the Brexit farce aren’t we all ? We voted out, get on with it .

Other things come to mind as a father of five who came up the hard way, who was born in the East End of Glasgow, hardly an affluent area.

But was surrounded by hard working, kind and family oriented people as my parents were . Struggling against cramped conditions in the tenements.

Before I bore the young to tears, let me strive for their attention. University fees a disgrace.

Every one of the government who voted that through never paid a penny, many of them loaded.

House prices beyond most of the financial reach of our young, the future of our country.

To be honest the future of any country.

A police constable, well respected in my youth. As rare in the Swindon town centre as the Swindon council reducing the council tax.

A question to the head of the council. As Honda comes to an end with the loss of thousands of jobs, to mention but a few suppliers.When you continue with the expansion from Wanborough to Australia, if you thought you would get away with it.

Where are they all going to be employed to pay the hefty mortgages that goes with the territory of house buying? Or am I missing something, called the obvious.

Finally when the council sits and makes these financial cuts to the needy. Why don’t they ever vote to cut their salaries and pension benefits. Just a thought, as we are supposed to be all in this together.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Swindon

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