Tackle Prostate Cancer charity has teamed up with Wiltshire Walking Football Club to help raise awareness of prostate cancer.

Walking football is aimed at the over 50s age group and teams are springing up across the country. Many tournaments are now catering exclusively for the over 60s age group. It has very specific rules that outlaw all running and allows no contact between players

Tackle Prostate Cancer have offered to supply all the Wiltshire recreational sessions with new bibs which will benefit the average 600 players who play across the area on a monthly basis. They are also providing both the over 50 and over 60 team with a new set of shirts each along with new bibs.

Tony Norton, lead volunteer/organiser for Wiltshire Walking Football said: “There are lots of worthy causes and charities for us to support but Tackle is not only a very appropriate name to be associated with Walking Football but a very appropriate cause for the age group concerned in walking football and currently mainly male players.

"We are very proud to be partnered with Tackle, not only because our team manager Alphonso Archer is now a trustee but we all want to help spread the awareness of the charity and encourage males to get checked early; early diagnosis can often result in higher chances of fighting this horrible cancer.”