RIVAL groups armed with knives squared off in a village park, Swindon Youth Court heard.

The punch-up saw one boy, found by police with a 10-inch blade, hit in the head multiple times.

Yesterday, Swindon magistrates suggested to one of the aggressors – since banned from crossing the M4 into Wroughton – the teen would be well advised to find a less belligerent group of friends.

Four boys, aged 15 and 16, had been due to attend the youth court to face charges relating to the fight on Weir Field, Wroughton, on February 7.

In the end, prosecutors withdrew charges against three of the boys – each accused of possession of knives. The boys will be dealt with out-of-court.

The fourth, 15, who cannot be named because he is under-18, admitted punching a member of the Wroughton group three times in the back of the head. The victim was said to have attacked the defendant’s friend – knocking out a tooth – after a “demand” from that boy to be hit.

Luke Jameson, defending, said his client was friend with the toothless boy: “His friend was assaulted for whatever reason. It appeared that this person got the upper hand over his friend. He stepped in to help.”

Magistrates ordered a six month youth rehabilitation order, with an eight week curfew and issued him with an order not to enter Wroughton for the next two months.