Forms are set to land on around 223,000 doormats across the county as Wiltshire Council’s elections team launches its annual canvass to ensure the electoral register is up to date.

People are urged to respond online or by telephone if they can, although they are also welcome to return the form by post in the pre-paid envelope provided.

Carlton Brand, Wiltshire Council Executive Director and Electoral Registration Officer for Wiltshire, said: “People have a legal obligation to confirm their details and I encourage them to do it as soon as possible.

“We had a tremendous online and digital response last year and I hope even more people use that option this time round. For every electronic response we receive we’re saving money that can be spent on vital council services.”

To confirm details go online at, or telephone 0800 197 9871 or text NOCHANGE to 80212 and use the security codes printed at the top of their form which will be sent in the post.