A MEN’S Shed that was set up in Devizes 18 months ago is in desperate need of a new home.

The group is bursting at the seams at its present base at Needham House in Victoria Road and is appealing to local businesses to help them expand.

Club chairman Albert Wooldridge said: “If a new workshop can’t be found by the next annual meeting in March next year then it looks like the shed will close.”

The group, which despite its name is open to men and women who want to find companionship over a shared love of DIY, was originally pleased to be offered space in an outbuilding at the assisted living complex.

But the committee quickly realised it was nowhere big enough once kitted out with tools and benches. In the summer when members can expand into a adjoining garden area it is not so bad but when the door has to be closed only about four people can work at one time.

This means that the club has had to limit its members and is not bringing in much of an income.

Mr Wooldridge said: “Until we can get more members in at the same time funds are low so we would only be able to pay a rent of about £100 a month.

“Once we have got set up and running with more members we could pay a little more.”

Ideally the new space would be at least 100 sq mtrs with storage, power, water and toilets. Ideally it would have disabled access and be near parking and a bus route.

Secretary Paul Taber said: “We really need the new place to be near the town or maybe up on the Hopton Industrial Estate or in Bath Road.

“At the moment we are in a Catch 22 situation as we can’t get new members as we don’t have the room and without new members we can’t afford to pay much rent for a place.

“We really need someone to sponsor us for a couple of years so we can reach our potential and then start paying our way.”

He said members supported each other and provided friendship. He said: “If one person doesn’t know how something should be done someone else usually does.

“But what we offer is far more than a chance to use tools. It is also about providing friendship and company in older age.”

The first ever Men’s Shed was set up in Australia in 1998 and they have continue to grow as people realised the value of coming together around practical tasks. Contact Mr Taber on paul.taber@talktalk.net