A FESTIVAL-STYLE event is set to return today after it was cancelled last year due to the family’s home and car being burgled only weeks before it would have taken place.

The event is known as Millfest, named after organiser Millie Humphreys, who started it off in August 2014 as a garden party while her parents were away on holiday.

But since then it has turned into a calendar event for the family, who use it as a way to have fun and raise funds for a charity close to their hearts, Cancer Research.

The 24-year-old said: “Last year was a massive disappointment not only for my family but also everyone who was looking forward to Milfest.

“But we have decided that we won’t let a bad situation like last year's dwell over us and have instead turned it into a positive that will hopefully smash our fundraising target for charity.”

Millie lost her ‘grampy’ Clive Humphreys in 2009 to cancer, which has since prompted her family to raise money for Cancer Research. The last event raised £322.

The organiser's mum and dad, Samantha and Craig Humphreys, host the festival at their home and send invites to their neighbours in Inglesham. Around 100 people are expected to attend today.

Samantha said: “We felt everyone lost out because of the burglary, especially the charity.

“We were determined not to let the mindless youths that stole from us last year ruin things again.”

Last year's event would also have coincided with an important celebration for Millie’s parents, who toasted their 25th wedding anniversary. The 2019 event will also be dedicated to them to make up for the cancellation.

The event comes with a stage, a shisha section, an outdoor bar and plenty of space for festival-goers to dance and mingle. There are even portable toilets, for that authentic festival experience.

The private event celebrates talent around Swindon, with musicians from all over the town performing each year, including Millie's sister, who sings and plays guitar.

Millie added: “I am so grateful to the bands and acts who will be performing here.

“Everyone is always looking forward to this and I always have messages from people asking about it, I can’t thank my mum and dad enough for making this possible.”

The festival begins at 2pm and usually goes on until the early hours of the morning.