FOUR-piece Swindon indie rockers GETRZ release new EP Think of the Future on Friday, August 23.

The band - frontman Josh Heather, guitarist and vocalist Dec Casey, bassist Toby Pollitt and drummer Dan Geary - started out in 2017 and have since toured relentlessly.

In June they played the Isle of Wight Festival and last month saw them appear at another prestigious festival, YNOT, in Derbyshire.

Think of the Future’s five tracks are Insomniac Waltz, She Heard I’m a Dreamer, Annie, How Do You Think I Feel and Think of the Future.

The band said in a joint statement: “We wanted to take a different approach to the production and overall creation of the EP.

“Our debut EP, whilst holding a firm place in our hearts, just wasn’t who we were anymore.

“As with any band, progression is a very important part of our musical careers.

“With this new EP, we’d spent the best part of a year writing, demoing, brainstorming all different ideas and sounds until we landed on what felt the most natural to us.”

Inspirations ranged from Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins to BB King and Blind Willie Johnson.

The band’s Facebook page is