Pizza is, it’s fair to say, popular round my house.

My children both love it and get involved helping make the dough and sauce.

And of course the final construction – the best bit.

So we’re always on the lookout for a good pizza spot while we’re out and about.

I first came across Timbers pizza while I was having a pint at the Hop Inn last year.

The beer was great, but I looked longingly as these burnished beauties came out to happy punters.

Then I promptly forgot about it for the best part of a year until it was my turn for the food review.

And when I asked in Adver Towers for the best pizza in Swindon, the resounding answer was Timbers.

So I Googled in and found that I could get my hands on one at the Eternal Optimist in Devizes Road.

Heading up the staircase next to the entry to Los Gatos we found Timbers’ order point halfway to the bar.

The menu is short and sweet – seven choices. The entry-level is a cheese-free ‘Queen’, with garlic and chilli oil, up to Five Pigs – a celebration of all things meat.

It comes with pepperoni, salami, smoked ham chorizo and meatballs. Yum.

Inbetween is the Chicaritzo (chicken and chorizo), the Capra (goats’ cheese and olive), the Poot N Eska (capers, olives anchovies), Cali Breeze (pepperoni, japalenos) and the Funghi (mushrooms and pesto).

I could have eaten them all – eventually, I will.

For those greedier than us, there’s sides – garlic bread with cheese or olives.

But meatballs? On a pizza? I was not going to let that chance pass. So it was meat for me, my other half went for the chicken/chorizo combo.

While they were being cooked, we headed upstairs to the Eternal Optimist.

Now I like an interesting beer. But here, here I didn’t know where to start. Five or six specials, all sounding super tempting, before you even get to the full-stocked fridge with beer menu.

I went for a pint of a fruity sour brew, she had a cloudy flavourful ale.

Everything in the world was as it should be – sipping on a cold pint, waiting for my made-to-order pizza. We could only wait in hope that the pizzas lived up to our expectations.

Ten minutes later, a smiling hipster-bearded Timbers worker delivered the goods.

We took a moment – they looked good.

Yes, it’s only pizza, but when it’s right it’s right.

Both looked perfect – crunchy bases, enough but not too much topping. And mine had meatballs.

We both got stuck in – hands obvs, who uses a knife and fork for pizza?

My, they were good.

Mine with just enough of each topping to taste without it tasting of ‘meat’.

A splash of chili oil giving it a welcome bit of zip.

The meatballs were a revelation. Not a topping I’ve thought of adding at home but one I’ll definitely be stealing for the future.

In the name of research I had to try the chicken and chorizo.

Another winner. Crunchy, no soggy slices, full of flavour.

And who doesn’t like chorizo?

Then we were done. Start to finish in an hour or so.

Perfect for a post-work tea.

We had to get home to read the children their stories, but I could have easily whiled away the whole evening working my way along the beers. But that’s for another time.

For now, all I can say is, go there. Now. You won’t be disappointed.